Boat (Remix & Instrumental)

by Zoë Phillips, Rameses B

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My official remix and an instrumental sax version is included in this free download. Support Zoë Phillips and listen to the original at her bandcamp -


released September 28, 2012

Rameses B
Zoë Phillips
Lambert McGaughy




Rameses B Leeds, UK

Diverse & colourful music creator. From Leeds, UK.


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Track Name: Zoë Phillips - Boat (Rameses B Remix)
If photographs would tell a story
would these postcards be in black and white?

Shaded by the leaves that bind so freely
cracks in the trees let through the light

Do the trees whisper on the side walk?
Do the waves in the water talk?

If I sketch out an atlas on the lake skin
drift as wood as I wait
If I take back the compass to the water
would I find you or would it be too late?