Spacewalk III: Alpha Cen

by Rameses B

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SquidMonster thumbnail
SquidMonster Sounds of rebirth from the virgin planets; this is life, this is fertility, this is divine invitation from an alien goddess. Favorite track: Get Through (feat. Veela).
Don Carlos
Don Carlos thumbnail
Don Carlos Truly Brilliant final edition to this trilogy. Ramses-B is clearly leading the soundscape with the addition of some fantastic vocal artists on this release. Thanks so much for the beautiful journey! Favorite track: Fly Away.
shilou thumbnail
shilou What's not to love about Rameses B? Great album that will help you in many ways, always my go to when studying! Favorite track: Get Through (feat. Veela).
wolfgangmiakoda thumbnail
wolfgangmiakoda The trilogy has been such a journey, and this album could not have been a better way to send it off. It's been an honour and a pleasure to witness it all in real time, and I look forward to the next large exploration. Much love, Captain! Favorite track: Life Adjusts (feat. Miyoki).
Polina Frosty
Polina Frosty thumbnail
Polina Frosty A connection of soul and heart. That's how I would describe the feels from the album. Perfect in every single, even the smallest detail.Thank you so much for this journey <3 Favorite track: Farewell (feat. Progley).


The final installment in the Spacewalk Trilogy. 'Alpha Cen' explores our nearest solar system to build a home on, bringing feelings of hope, happiness and warmth. unlike the previous 2 albums which focuses on the unknown and isolation, this one has a more uplifting feel to it. The 3 suns in Alpha Centauri are a mirror of the third and final Spacewalk album.


released February 18, 2019


all rights reserved



Rameses B Leeds, UK

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Music to heal the soul. Independant and diverse music creator of melodic and uplifting electronic music.


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Track Name: Deep Blue (feat. Zoe Moon)
There's something in the water
Listen to the deep
There's something in the water
It's hurting me, baby.

Ain't got no trust for you, I
Ain't got no trust for you, I
Got no trust for you, I
Ain't got no trust for you.

I can see it shimmering
Beneath the surface where I lay,
There's something in the water
It's hurting me, baby.
Track Name: Get Through (feat. Veela)
What makes you so certain that I didn’t go through it?
Just like you did - what makes you convinced?
Is it cause it takes me a lot to be agitated
It’s so naive to see that as a weakness.
A mellow demeanor, an even exterior
Do you know the work it takes to have this attitude?
I won’t yell to be heard, cause “it’s so much easier”
I will exercise restraint to find a better you.

I look around and I see you, friend
You’ve got a lot on your mind
A lot on your mind and
I don’t know if you know it or not but I’m
Gonna get through to you.

Take all of your nagging fears as you go
I know you wanted me to come along.
I left earlier so you wouldn’t see me go
I can’t pretend that that’s where I belong.
With you, bored and low.

A mellow demeanor, an even exterior
Do you know the work it takes to have this attitude?
I don’t yell to be heard, cause “that’s so much easier”
I have exercised restraint and found a better you.

Shake off what those had-beens told you before
You are resilient, shining off the walls
Take my word, you know I love you as a whole
You know you’re brilliant and you don’t belong
Down there, bored and low.
Track Name: Life Adjusts (feat. Miyoki)
Living in the atmosphere,
I must look small down here.

Can you feel my soul, sincere?
Stirring up a sky so clear
So you can make it back safely.

Baby come find me,
I can't stand this silence
Confines me.
I'm always the one to come around, so come look for me.
Brush off the dirt and rectify,
Life will adjust for you and I

And if you call
If you call
And if you call
If you call
If you call from here
Life adjusts, my dear.
Track Name: Cold Heart (feat. Florenza)
You used to always break me one piece at a time
Glue me back together pretending you were mine

Tied me up in your string
Made me believe anything
You brought my light right into the dark.

Turned me off in a switch
I became my own bitch
You gave me a cold heart
Track Name: Farewell (feat. Progley)
They see it in my eyes now
The stars in the skies, they're mine
I've fallen in too deep
It's time, oh it's my time
Fare farewell
You know it's goodbye for now
For now

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