Essence EP

by Rameses B



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released July 31, 2015




Rameses B Leeds, UK

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Music to heal the soul. Independant and diverse music creator of melodic and uplifting electronic music.


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Track Name: Goddess VIP
Our planet would be just a point of light.
Hardly distinguishable from the many other points of light.
Nearby planets, far off suns.
But precisely because of the obscurity of our world, such a picture might be worth having.
Track Name: Soul Essence
You all have interesting characters but some of them are all hidden.
I wonder why you all want to dress always the same.
With the same hats and the same coats.
I'm sure all of you are interesting and have wonderful things about you.
But looking at you in the street, you all look so much the same.
Try and express yourselves better.
Track Name: Kiss Me
I've had you on my mind since the minute we met.
Would you believe me if i told you I'm crazy about you.
I certainly would not.
Then I won't tell you, I'd rather show you.
Would you kiss me now?
Track Name: Nameless Existence
What do I mean by reality?
A physical world of nature?
A spiritual world?
To that I have a very simple answer,
Reality itself is not a concept.
Reality is.. and we won't give it a name.

It's amazing what doesn't exist in the real world,
There aren't any things, nor are there any events.
It is a marvellous system of wiggles.
Our basic inseparability from the whole universe.
Most of us think compulsively all the time,
I don't have anything to think about except thoughts
and to that I have a very simple answer..
It doesn't exist.

-Alan Watts-

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